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Offering a truly Global Service

Offering a truly Global Service

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○ Insurance

The single most important thing to know, your cargo is NOT insured unless you have arranged the insurance yourself.

We always recommend taking out insurance however it is important for you to know the potential costs to you for not taking out insurance.

What is General Average?

We all know accidents happen and under the terms and conditions of the bill of lading there is a clause called General Average.
This is not something new or made up by the industry and can trace it's history back to 800 BC however the modern meaning of it is based on the York Antwerp Rules of 1890.

In summary, General average is where all parties share the cost of the damage or loss equally.
You become liable for someone else's cargo and potentially the vessel and even if your cargo is not damaged or lost will be held until payment is made.
As an example only, your cargo is a used car however the rest of the cargo on the vessel consists of factory new vehicles, you will have to pay the average value of all cargo on the vessel.
So based on this example without insurance your used vehicle could be very costly.

Please speak to your contact or send an email to sales@abplantshipping.co.uk for more information on the various insurances which are available.

○ Letters of credit


○ Export and Import Customs Clearance

At AB Plant Shipping we can provide you with help to arrange customs clearance either in the UK or Globally.

○ Export and Import Documentation

Some of the documents we can arrange for you include:

- EC Certificates of Origin
- Arab-British Certificates of Origin
- Egyptian - British Certificates of Origin
- EUR1's
- EUR-Med Certificates
- ECTN's
- Pre-Shipment Surveys

To name a few. Contact us at sales@abplantshipping.co.uk for more information and prices.

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